Cannot Login to Facebook Account

Hello all! I recently “accidentally” logged out of my Gmail account, and couldn’t get back in because of some password issues. I thought, “Why not have a fresh start with my facebook account, and buy a new one year subscription” (My old one would expire in a couple days). I tried logging into the Facebook account, but the same stuff kept appearing over and over. I’ll have you take a look:

(Where I’m logging in from)

(Once I login, this is what shows up. I click log in again, but then it brings me back to the log in page. If I click “Join”, it makes me make a new Facebook account.

(When I click login again, this is what happens)

Device: iPhone 6
OS: IOS 11.3.1 (Have not updated yet).

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues!
Have you tried one of the following?

•Restart device (Turn off then turn on again)
•Restart Infinite flight (close app from app switcher)
•reinstall Infinite flight ( delete app and install back again)

If you have please let us know!

Also just to be sure, can you update your device (11.4) and see if that changes anything!

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Ahh, the classic uninstall & reinstall method, forgot all about that! Thanks man, much appreciated.

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