Cannot login to account through the app.

When I click login it pulls up some random username and call sign that I’ve never seen and then when I click login with gmail it says account not found

Hmm, that weird.

Try clearing the data.

Go to Device Setting > App > Infinite Flight > Clear Data/Cache.

No luck. This is the sequence of events

Okay, try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Yeah that was the first thing I did.

What device are you on?

To add to what @tyleraviator99 said, these details would be helpful;

  • Device Make & Model
  • Current Version of iOS/Android
  • Free Space on your device

2018 iPad Pro. It’s running the latest version of iOS 12.1.1. And I have 240gb of free space.

Do you have an active account since before? Have you previously purchased a subscription?

No, I created an account so that I could get a subscription but I can’t get logged in through the app.

An account isn’t created until you purchase a subscription. But based on your first screenshot, it’s already done that. That’s why you’re seeing “User-28495”. So, tap “Continue” on that screen and purchase a subscription :)

You can then link your account by tapping the username in the top right corner, followed by “Link account”.

That worked! Thanks so much for the help

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No worries! Happy holidays!

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