Cannot log into my account

So I recently got a new phone and tried logging into my live+ account and I keep getting messages saying no account found but then I get another message saying my account renews in April. I attached some pictures so you can see what I mean. Any suggestions? I have tried logging in and out multiple times, restarting my phone, etc. Nothing works.IMG_0052IMG_0053IMG_0055

Sign out of your iTunes/Google Play account, restart your device sign back into iTunes/Playstore account and then launch Infinite Flight.

Make sure you are using the correct credentials in which the subscription was purchased as well.


Tried this and it did not work.

Tried this and it did not work.

Do you have another device turned on and linked with Infinite Flight at the moment?

I do. The issue is I stupidly lost my old iPhone which had me signed into Infinite Flight. The phone I am trying to sign back in on is my new phone. Same phone. iPhone 7.

Try clicking on “I already have a subscription”

Already tried that too. That’s when I get the middle pictures message saying I have an account that renews in April.


So you are certain you are logging into Infinite Flight with the correct Facebook or Google credentials right?

I am. And if I wasn’t would I still be getting that message saying my account renews in April?

Handling in a PM.