Cannot log in to the Infinite-flight website

I cannot log into the Infinite Flight website (not the community). I tried to log in with Facebook and Google account but both keep buffering
It keeps on buffering like that

Do the basics…
Refresh the page
Wait and go back later
Make sure your signing in with the correct account

did that 3 times, I use my facebook account which is the one i use in IF app

Have you tried to close and reopen the page and browser?

I will try

Don’t work :( Could it be my internet? but my internet works just fine. pretty fast atm, watching youtube with no buffering at HD quality

Try restarting your computer, maybe?

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This has happened to me as well. I think there’s a few topics about this.

do you know why? can you log in?

do not work

Oh. I don’t any other ways sadly… Sorry :(

can anyone else help me?

Hey, I have the same issue on my IPad Air 2. What device are you using?

I was able to use it on my iPad Air 2 only, my phone dosent work.

For IF atm is Ipad mini first generation, I tried to log in with the iPad and MacBook air but still doesn’t work

First gen iPad Mini? What version iOS?

I tried to log in with Mac and my Ipad. the iPad has IOS 9.3.1

I was able to create an account and log into communities fine. However, when I try to log into “accounts” either on my PC or my Kindle Fire; whether using Google or Facebook, all that happens is the cursor spins until it times out. So, no way for me to fly online. Very frustrating.

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I have decided to comment on this topic rather then create a new one.

I am having this same problem right now. It won’t let me log in and as old mate stated, it’s buffering.