Cannot load into infinite flight

My infinite flight won’t load into the main screen it’s been stuck on loading for 5 min i have already restarted my device

Try restarting your device!

@TheBest might be worth reading before replying…

@Lachlan1403 if restarting your device isn’t working, your best bet is to probably uninstall, then reinstall Infinite Flight. Make sure you save any replays you want to keep before doing so.

Hey, have you tried switching networks before you delete anything?

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Sorry, My screen glitched so I didn’t see that part at first.

Yes do try switching networks (most wifi routers nowadays have a 2GHz and 5GHz signal, which will appear as two different connections when viewing the nearby wifi list)

Also switching network types from say wifi to cell or cell to wifi can make a difference. My phone is questionable with wifi from time to time but a cell connection has proven more stable on it

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