Cannot join Advanced

I’m still grade 2, but I have done everything to be grade 3? What am I missing?

Read this.

Aha, I have done, which is why I put it in support first

I have done everything on that list.

I’m going to guess its your violation count


Or your landing count


Probably, but I didn’t see a limit.

I wish I could reset my violations, I had the game when I was 10 and just messed around, back when the free flight server didn’t exist

Have you received 3 violations in the past 24 hours?

Haven’t received a violation in about 2 months

Then go do some touch and goes and you should be fine

Wow…117 violations in 17 hours flight time…that is insane.


I was thinking the 30 landings to 140 flights was insane.


I played the game from like it’s starting point, when live was introduced. You got violations whatever server you went on, I was so bad, I got like 3 violations every 20 minutes, The past 6-7 hours have been me completely playing by the rules, I had just got back into the live deal. Once again, most of those landing were done in the past 7 hours flight time, i never finished of flights back in the day and just kamikaze into a mountain or something

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