Cannot hear ATC audio

Hello, I am writing this post hoping to get support on an issue I am encountering on IF. The issue is, not hearing any ATC audio, the traffic calling, or my own audio. I am playing IF after almost 65 days. I haven’t encountered an issue like this ever.
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G:
MIUI Global 14.0.4:
Thanks for the support.

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Do you have the latest version of IF? Is your ATC volume down?

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Yes, I have the latest version of IF, and I got the full volume for ATC. I am assuming 23.3.3 is the latest version for ATC.

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Hm I am not sure then, I guess we will have to wait for someone that know more than me

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No worries man, thanks for responding.


I had a similar issue, no contact to atc. Reason: Google VPN. After I allowed IF to pass VPN the problem was solved. Maybe it occurs also on other VPN providers.

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Sorry you are experiencing issues.

23.3.3. is indeed the latest version.

There was a recent fix that should have made improvements in terms of audio cutting out

Just to be sure; you don’t have ATC audio to begin with, or does it start out fine but disappears after a while?
And also, as mentioned above, are you using a VPN by any chance?

Another possible cause…
Did your TTS engine get reset by any chance, causing it to loose the voices?
When you try to select another voice in IF for either Pilot Voice or Default voice, are voice available and if so, do you hear the test message after selecting one?

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Hi there thanks for responding. Yes, the ATC audio is not there at all. I cannot hear any other pilot both on Unicom, as well as any active frequency. Plus, I do not use a VPN. And you’re also right about the pilot test message audio, I cannot hear that while trying to change to another pilot voice.

That probably means that something is up with the TTS (Text To Speech) engine on your device.

Did your device get an update recently, that caused the audio to disappear?

I am not familiar with MIUI and therefore can’t tell you where to look.

Usually it’s somewhere in the Accessibility → Voices section.

Could you check if everything is working there?

There should be a way to select the Speech Engine, to download extra voices and also to listen to a test message for each voice.

Hope this helps to figure out what’s wrong.

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