Cannot get weather

It says weather is NA or wind is 0 on the bottom. I know that a tropical storm is approaching and would love to fly in some of the winds on the edge of the storm.

I’m not certain but I believe the dev’s might still be working on some weather updates. Perhaps we’ll hear from them. My weather has been working so maybe try resetting your device just in case.

I did OK no problem.

Did that fix the problem for you?

Is this in live or solo?

If in solo, there is no real-time weather so in that case, sorry nothing can be done except maybe manipulating the weather settings to match what is happening IRL.

If this is live, then there is a problem

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I’m pretty sure this is Live. I’ve experienced this in some of my sessions as well. Hoping to hear something from the devs about anything relating to this soon

It is all good. I had to try a reset and update it again.

Select one of the responses as the solution that fixed it.

It was a bad update to my phone. I just had to redo the update.

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