Cannot Fly Online

When I try to get fly online, I keep getting the “Your account details couldn’t be loaded to start an online session”

I was just seeing if anyone is having the same issue or if I is just me and then what I need to do to get around it.

I have an iPhone 8
iOS 14.1
Restarted app multiple times

EDIT: I have talked to other people and they seem to be having the same issue


Same here, cannot connect to my account and fly online.

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I’ve got the same issue.

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Most likely not on our side. Let us hope the pb gets solved soon! 😉 I wanna fly!!!

Looking into it right now!


It may be a server reset or a technical issue.
Let’s stand by to see what Staff says.

Thank you for sharing as I came across the same issue.

Seems to be restoring now, i was able to get in just now.


Yes i am having same issue it just got fixed now it is loading normally

Got it to work. Thanks for the speedy service as always!

Same here, back in the sky!

One thing is for sure;

No need for automated alarms. You people catch these things quicker than any automated alarm would ;)