Cannot find waypoints

The map is very hard to find waypoints. Some waypoints have 2 letters, like I am reading VHHX NOTAM. I cannot find the 2 letter waypoints, in the search bar I search and it has 5000 different airports but I cannot see the waypoint I want. What do I do.

If they do not show up on the map, I would suggest looking up coordinates for those waypoints and including those in your plan.

However, the 2 letter waypoints are navids which should be on the map. You might just have to type out the full name of those waypoints

what is the full name, the NOTAM only shows the 2 letters

Continuing what @Drummerhad to say, yes, not all real life waypoints are in infinite flight. Many are, but not all. will automatically replace those non existent waypoints with geographic coordinates, so you’ll be all set!😁

Look closely and you’ll find them, some are right beside VHHH.

Unfortunately, you can’t type the waypoints into the map. However, they are very easy to see near Kai Tak @GreatLeader

ok thank you

but maybe sometimes if I find a long route with waypoints but some only have 2 letters how do I find them

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