Cannot Download new update

I cant download the new update pls help me.
I am using android.

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whats your device?


Looks like your tablet sadly is not compatible with 21.1
You can continue using 20.3 version without any problem

This is my tablet’s device it has 64bit processor why cant i download it?

And btw if i cannot update 21.1, will i be able to update 21.2 when it comes out?

Check google play to see if the update is there. If you can see the change log but not the update button that mean your tablet is not a 64bits. And answering your question: No, you will be not able to download 21.2 cuz you have a 32bits device

As stated above, Android is so fragmented OS wise that it seems that your 64bit device, is running a 32 bit OS.

Incorrect, he stated it’s 64

Found this on a DJI forum, but same goes here (including the compatibility part)


This is how it looks like in Google play store.

Yep it means i cant download the update cries

Okay i will start saving money so i can buy a new one

watch Android tablet sales go up dramatically

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