Cannot Contact ATC upon Controller Change

Hello IFC,

Today, I was doing a flight from KORD-RJTT and I was coming inbound for a landing at RJTT when a controller change took place. Upon the controller change, the new controller asked me to contact them almost 4 times. However, I never had any options in my atc menu or the map to contact tower. I just couldn’t see the frequency at all. I had to cut my flight short on final approach because I was afraid of potentially getting a ghosting. Could any of you please help, this is getting quite annoying as this has happened to be before. Any help is appreciated. Below is an image of what I had on my screen:

Once again, any help with this is appreciated. Thanks and safe flying everyone 😁!

Try to touch into the Airport in the map, to tune on Tower!

I did, nothing came up with any options for tower. I could only see ground…

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It could happen, that the controller was in change with another…
Anyway in that case tune on unicom.
When able try to contact Tower.

So what I do is quickly go to airline mode… press home screen turn on wifi and quickly come back on to infinite flight and works!

Or just quickly go to airline mode and off. just quickly disconnect from the live servers

But as seems there only ground active, so you are all good but if you ever have that issue give this a try… works for me

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For the solution:

  • Try to connect to a strong WIFI or 3/4G connection.

  • Don’t exit in the middle of a flight.

  • If it happens the same try to restart the App.

  • If it happens the same, connect into Unicom, and if you’re ghosted, save your replay and some screenshots as proof to be issued this penalty.

  • If still happens the same, contact via Message any one of the staff, such as @schyllberg.

Hope it helps,
Good day!

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