Cannot Connect

Hi all - is there a server issue at IF right now? Been having trouble connecting on WiFi. Thanks!

The Live servers have been acting up lately, but I’m sure a MOD will alert the staff so it can get fixed. We ask that you remain patient while Staff handle the issue.

Thank You, and Happy New Year


We noticed some very brief database issues, but it’s fine now.

Sorry about that!


I’m still having an issue with servers/ connectivity. Not sure if I should make my own thread.

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Specify please.
What we saw was an issue when launching the app and trying to connect to your account.

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Thanks. That’s the issue I’m having (still). Appreciate your amazingly quick response!

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When past the loading screen and onto the homepage, it says “connecting…” under your display name. The app eventually quits trying and says “infinite Flight was unable to connect to live servers. Try again?” I’ve restarted app and device.

Edit: working now. Thanks!

@DadaBull - status for you?

All fixed. Just checked. Thanks so much.