Cannot connect to server on phone data

I cannot use the live server outside of my house on my phone data. This is the first time this has happened and I tried to reboot but the live server never connects and it seems it’s not crediting my xp when I fly.
I did not see this specific problem in the thread sorry if I missed it.


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I just want to confirm, do you mean cellular data?

Yes cellular data

Hey, this might have happened while transitioning between the networks, your connection might have been lost and thus you were disconnected from the live server. Try to ensure quick changes in network so that this doesn’t happen. Sometimes, it disconnects and then reconnects within 30s if stavle connection is there. Make sure that your mobile has a stable connection with a good download speed. If the server doesn’t connect within a minute, end the flight as the server connection has been gone permanently. Start a new flight of that happens. Flight time is NOT recorded if live server disconnects.
Hope this solves this issue. I face it a lot

I’ll try this, Thank you

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