Cannot connect to live

After I found out that my android device is not helping, I repurchase infinite flight on my iPhone but it says my account or throttle has been cut. Please help now I can play the game but is not connecting to live

Thanks for your help

Samuel boakye

Hello! Have you purchased Infinite Flight Pro?

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Can we get some more information on your device?

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Yes more info would be nice such as device, operating system, and if you have purchased Infinite Flight Pro.

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Yes I have infinite flight pro. New device I have is iPhone 7 version 10.3.3
My email or sign in is

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Ok, do you have a good WiFi connection?

Yes everything is OK except I have a red mark on live server.

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Try restarting your device, and also reinstall Infinite Flight.

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As JR said above, try some easy possible solutions to try and fix it (reinstall, restart device, restart WiFi router, etc.).

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Your account is signed in on two devices at once. I believe you sign out one of the devices, and then it’ll let you fly. I’m not sure, though. The regulars know much more than I do.


Joseph is right. If you’re signed into two devices at once, then your throttle will be cut. If it isn’t the case, then restart your router to get a better signal or reinstall IF and restart your device.

OK I have done that but still having problem connecting to live server

It’s more than likely something on your end. How strong is your internet?

Have logout from my android but still it failed to connect to the live server

Is not about the internet or wifi because I can login and play the game buy no At controller nor I’m able to see all the aircraft. Even though I’m logged into the Tranning server but at the top right corner I see a red ! saying fails to connect to the live server.

That’s exactly your internet connection or slow servers

Are you using android?

It’s your internet. Please reset your wifi modem.