Cannot Connect to Live

I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus T-Mobile. For some reason I am no longer able to connect to live using cellular data. The icon in the upper right hand corner just goes from orange to red and says (offline). This problem is new to me.

I’ve made sure that I have cellular data enabled on the game as well as allowing Infinite Flight to access cellular data in my phones settings. I have the annual subscription. Please advise.

I’m pretty sure this does not belong in this category

You might want to connect to WiFi or just uninstall and reinstall the app completly

This is a known issue with T-Mobile. They have for some reason choosed to close the port needed for Live, and only they can open it.


Connection not strong enough maybe? Try using wifi if you have it. And try restarting your device.

So seems like the only solution for him now is to play on wifi.

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Thanks! I wonder if calling them and asking hem about it will have any positive outcome

I’ve done all of that

It said “All things Live” and Live is the only issue I’m having. My apologies

People have been experienced various results with their Customer Service… one tried to blame it on Infinite Flight not being IPv6 compatible, which it of course is.

Thanks I’ll try calling!

Good luck! Ask them for port 10100. That’s the one you need opened.