Cannot connect to live server

Everything on the app works EXCEPT live server. Global server is green. Weather is green. API is green.

I have tried to connect on 2 separate devices (both iOS).

I have deleted and reinstalled the app.




Is your WIFI working?


What do you mean by it doesn’t work, you cant connect? I assume you do have access to the expert server. Like what Xavier said, it could be your wifi or network connection.

All other apps on my device (twitter, safari, etc.) work fine.

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Can you access IF? Like will it open on your device?

I have the but than with the global server

Here’s what I mean:

Oh ok, thats happened to me before. It usually has to have something to do with your internet connection. are you using cellular or WiFi for IF?

I’m using mobile hotspot. Everything ran well until yesterday.

What cellular provider are you using? It is likely that they are blocking the ports that Infinite Flight multiplayer uses

Metro PCS/T-Mobile.

Are you using a VPN at all?

If you are using a VPN try turning it off and see if you could connect to the servers.

And did you try resetting your phone?

No I’m not.

Not using VPN.

If you’re using a mobile hotspot - is it possible you have run out of data?

That worked! Thank you 🙏!


Ur welcome :)

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