Cannot connect to live server after leaving the app

Hello Houston, i have a problem.

I am starting a new game in IF. There is no problem. I can see other planes, atc etc.

But, when i need a breaktime or have a job outside; i am closing the game (not completely, just locking the phone or changing the screen for phone, message, internet etc.), then i want to continue my last game. All other features can connect to internet but live server doesnt connect to internet. So i cannot resume with live server. You can understand the problem if you look at the picture.

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Hi there,

We recommend that once you launch Infinite Flight keep the app open as running the app in the background may cause issues with connectivity which you are experiencing.


That right there is your issue. This has been known to cause your issue. The fix is to not leave the app, if you go outside, don’t lock the phone and let autopilot fly. You should NEVER switch apps mid flight, if you do, do it at your own risk of discconecting to the live server.

But it wasnt cauisng this problem before. It is a new problem. It was ok and could continue before these days.

This is still known to cause the issue, it doesn’t happen every time.
EDIT: Time out of app is also a factor

Exiting the App for a longer period of time could result in loss of connection with the Server.

Ah ok, i will check about this, thank you all for your recommendations. Have nice flights.

If you are finding the need to leave the app for whatever reasons and you are on the live servers, this could be detrimental to not only your experience but other users as well. This may cause you to disappear and reappear on a pilots map or disappear from a controllers map. That’s just another example of the side effect of leaving the app even for small increments of time.