Cannot connect to live [Global]

I am currently on a flight to Karachi but I it’s not connecting or connected, look

What’s does this mean ?? Need help

Give it a few moments and check again ;)

It’s been like that for a while my friend

Did you check your internet?

Yep and that’s fine as well

If you are on WiFi try getting closer to your Modem/Router. See if that helps.

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I think it is my WiFi, I realised now because my phones is also not connected. Will my flight time still be counted ?

Keep your flight going and try to secure the issue with your WiFi ;)

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Thanks a long t my friend I’ll let you know what goes on.

Is it alright now? On the previous version the flight time still counted as long as you had WIFI during the start and end of the flight. I have flown for hours with no internet…

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Sorry I don’t know my mum turned off my flight 😡😡

I feel ya! When I’m too much on my phone my dad turns off the router.

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