"Cannot Connect to iTunes"

I tried to purchase 6 months subscription for Infinite Flight Pro, my card was charged but the app says I do not have a subscription. Restoring purchase doesn’t work and if I click on the subscription again it recognises that I have a subscription but it says cannot connect to iTunes. Is this part of the server problems or is it Apple?


That wifi bro cheack your siglnal

WiFI is working. Tried again and it’s not working.

I,d talk to apple about it if you can also check your ios

Tried everything and still doesn’t work. Deleted and app and redownloaded it, logging into Facebook instead of Google. My card is charged. Any other way to rectify this?

Have you clicked restore purchases?

Yes I have, it says I do not have a subscription. If I go to the subsription page and click the 6-month package, it says I already have a subscription. And then “cannot connect to iTunes” came out.

I’ll give my device a restart and report back.

Send screenshots if possible worst comes worst contact apple they can get it for sure


Did you delete app completely and redownload?

Yes, deleted the app and redownloaded, restarted my iPad, sign out my Apple account.
I did everything I could think of.

Then I would call apple bro

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It appears that your subscription did renew but be patient as the Infinite Flight servers are experiencing a heavy influx of traffic.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but your patience and consideration during this time is greatly appreciated. Things should improve as mentioned by our friendly staff and support cast.

Kind Regards,


Cool, I’ll wait it out for a couple of hours. Thanks Chris.
Will report back.

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Can confirm that my account is now working as intended. Able to search for all airports globally and access for all aircraft is granted. Now I just have to wait for the server issues to be fixed.

Thanks everyone for their hard work. Can’t wait to fly later today.

Have fun out there now!