Cannot connect to iTunes Store

Bought one month subscription but says don’t have a subscription and that it cannot connect to iTunes Store and it charged the card. Help

Thank you for contacting support!

If you purchased a new subscription or renewed an existing one but cannot access your online account please try the following steps:

  1. Sign-in to your online account
  2. Tap on the top right corner to access your account page
  3. Select “Subscribe Now”
  4. Select “I already have a subscription”

If you’re unable to access your subscription after completing the steps above please send us the following information:

  • Full username.
  • Call sign.
  • Copy of the purchase receipt.

You can attach the email purchase receipt from your respective app store or simply copy and paste the receipt into the body of your response. Note: All receipts from the Google PlayStore must display the order ID beginning with “GPA”.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to help you!


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