Cannot buy a pro subscription

Hi i am trying to buy a Pro subscription and when i press on the 1-month subscription it shows “Please Wait…” for ever!!

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Have you rebooted your device?
What device do you have?
Are you using anything like a VPN? Sometimes those can interfere with the play store purchases.

I did reboots, unistalls, specified a visa in my sons account -all of that…

Thanks for the prompt reply!
Its my sons iPhone 6s and i have a program that uses VPN.

The thing is that when i log in with My account which i made on an iPhone XR, then the iPhone 6s it works fine.

I just wanted to buy a subscription for my son in order to have separate profiles…

So, i did the whole procedure on mi iPhone XR, created a Google Account for my son and then using my son’s Apple ID i made the purchase through my phone. Then we logged in on his iPhone 6s and then the whole thing worked. I don’t what was it, maybe it was the iPhone 6s. No idea. No we are happy :)

Thanks for your help

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Glad everything worked out. See you in the skies!