Cannot autoset arrival airport as departure airport next flight

I have changed my account setting to autoset landing airport to departure airport each flight; however three times out of five, when i re-enter the game, the departure airport is still the one which I departed from last flight. Has any IF players encountered the same issue?

Device: iPhone 14 Plus
Operating system: IOS 17.3.1

Hey there!

From my experience, this function will not work properly if the following happens:

  • The app crashes.
  • You quit the app rather than clicking “End Flight”.

I’ve also found that the new “Flight Resume” feature seems to cause this function to not behave correctly all the time.

Thank you for replying! Do you mean if I use “flight resume” during my flight, the function will not work properly?

From my experience using Flight Resume and the Auto Start Airport feature combined - it sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

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It’s never worked for me with Flight Resume

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