Cannot add a topic in Features


I don’t even know if this the correct category to post in, maybe it should be in “Bug” or “Support”, but whatever. About ten minutes ago, I had a good idea (imo) for a feature, so I wanted to do a topic in the “Features” category. However, I cannot add a new topic there. For some reason it is faded. As you can see, I can add new topics in Meta, for example. Does this happen more often? Is it because of skill level or something?

Note I can reply to people on a “Features” topic, and I can add my own message on that topic, however, if I would just randomly add my idea it would be off-topic (does that have a suspended hyphen?). Also I am currently using an iPad (4, iOS 9.2), don’t know if that makes a difference.

Pictures of what I mean below:


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You are a basic user (TL1). You need to be a higher trust level in order to create a new feature.
Keep browsing and contributing around here, such as giving out likes to other’s posts, in order to help climb to a higher trust level.

If you want to, post your idea in General and tag me, and I’ll put it in the right category for you.
However, please search to make sure an idea similar to yours doesn’t exist.

This is the right category for posting stuff like this by the way; anything in relation to how the forum works goes in Meta :)


Thanks. I will put it in general and tag you.

Hey! Back again! This may sound very stupid, but I am new to these forums. Exactly how do you tag someone? I tried lots of ways but it didn’t quite work.

Simply put an “@” before the person’s username.

So for me it would be @carmalonso :)

Thank you! Love the community!


welcome, bro.

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With all due respect Mr. Mod, basic user is TL1. New user is TL0😉


Yeah, I know, you quoted me wrong! ;)


awww thanks man.

@dasabel100 Welcome
to the forums!

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Cam, what forced you to say such a thing? Zoom zoom.

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Awww thank you so much Bot!

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Nick, it is evident you are trying to seek acceptance within this community of humans. I am not a master of human social skills, yet I do not believe that is the way forward.

In other news: Bot is love. Bot is life.


You didn’t…

Don’t you do the same? ;)