Cannot active step climb

hey everyone,
I have a problem, before every takeoff I set up a step climb. How it works to activate it ? If it’s with LNAV, I doesn’t works. Can someone explain me how to activate it maybe it s my fault ?

VNAV is not available for ascent (also known as stepclimbing). It will hopefully come in a future version of Infinite Flight.

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Yes but I also want to sent altitude during my flight but it doesn’t works

Are you trying to go up or down?

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i m trying to go up

Exactly. VNAV won’t let you go up, it’ll only take you down. That’s not included within the VNAV feature. Like I said, the devs are working to build on the VNAV system, so hopefully in the future it will be available for stepclimbs.

So the feature of set up altitude onFPL is useless right now, isn’t it ? They are working on

It’s useful to descend

Its not useless, the purpose of set Alt is for descent planning on standard terminal arrivals and various approaches.

Ok thank you everyone who helped me

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