Cannot access training server?


So I keep getting this notice when trying to join the training server. Is the grading system changed or is something wrong with the database? I was able to join the training server before but now I can’t. I don’t have any violations so I have no idea what went wrong. I stopped my subscription for a few weeks but decided to resubscribe, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Our Training Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a proper transition from the casual server and to encourage proper behavior. Please see this post for the Training Server Requirements:

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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We also cannot see the error picture.

How would I be able to make it bigger for the future?

You can paste it or upload the full picture and not a thumbnail of it.

What did the message say so we can make sure we are telling you the correct answer?

Sorry, that’s a screenshot from my iphone.
The message says “training server is not accessible with your current grade of 1 grade 2 is required”.

It’s possible you had lost your stats in that duration of time you left.

See the chart on the link posted above. You need to be grade 2, you are a grade 1. There was a change that upped the limit for training to grade 2 and above.

Okay, I haven’t played the sim in awhile so i wasn’t up to date with the changes. Thanks!