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Just purchased a subscription for the Live Infinite Flight for month. I’ve had the subscription many times prior and this time my grade went to a one, where it used to be a 3/4. I click on my “Grade 1” in the top right corner to see what requirements I am either missing/don’t have completed, so that I can be a “Grade 2” to access the Training Server. I pull up the grade information and this is what I see…

Flight Time (Hours) Me: 33 Required: 1
Landings Me: 209 Required: 25
XP Me: 37,666 Required: 1,000
Reports (24 hrs) Me: 0 Required: 3
Reports (7 days) Me: 0 Required: 6
Reports (1 year) Me: 0 Required: 250
Reports (2 years) Me: 0 Required: 250
Violations (2 hrs) Me: 0 Required: 5
Violations (7 days) Me: 0 Required: 25
Flight Time (Hours, 90 days) Me: 3 Required: 0
Landings (90 days) Me: 11 Required: 0
Violations/Landing (12 months) Me: 1.76 Required: 1.00 (This is the weird one because the 1.00 is highlighted yellow but I do not know what it means)
44 violations/25 landings…

I am very confused regarding the last piece of this. I am assuming the highlighted yellow “1.00” has something to do with it. Can someone please explain what I need to fix in order to join the Training Server?


Hello Grayden!

I recommend you take a look at this topic, as i’m sure it will clear everything up for you:

Let me know if you have any further questions!


What you’re lacking is the amount of Landings needed to reach Grade 2.

Let me make it simple for you :)

  1. You have 44 Violations and 25 Landings.
  2. You need the same amount of Landings as to how many Violations you have.

That means you need 44 Landings in total since you have 44 Violations.
So you need to get 19 more landings to reach 44. (25+19=44)
So i’ll say: Do some Touch and Goes and you should meet the only requirement for Grade you haven’t met yet.

Note: If you receive another violations before reaching 44 landings in total then you’ll need to do 2 more landings. For each Violation you gain, 2 more landings are needed to add.

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