Cannoli928's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical Passed!]

Hello IFC! My name is Carter and I have just recently became part of IFATC!

Display Name: Carter Cantafio

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

RWY(s) in use: N/A

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Status: CLOSED

Expected Time Open: N/A


Please let me know of any issues you may have had with me controlling.

I always appreciate any feedback on how I can improve!

More Information

  • Airport, runways, and other information will be given each time I open.
  • Regardless of the winds, please only use the runway(s) I announce as in use.
  • Please fly at a reasonable speed at all times.
  • Please follow instructions I give as soon as possible.

OPEN @ KFAT. Runway’s 29L and 29R in use. Come stop by if you have the chance!

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For how much time are you open?? @Cannoli928

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Another 45 minutes or so!

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Hey, Carter! Thank you for opening up today. Here’s my feedback.

  1. Good transition altitude for me.
  2. Good pattern entry for me on 29R when I called in.
  3. No sequencing for N503SP at 03:40:16Z. You simply cleared them as number 2.
  4. No sequencing for me either at 03:42:36Z. Same issue as the third point.
  5. Good runway change for N503SP at 03:43:37. You also sequenced them here, which is good.
  6. Late clearance for me after I changed to 29L. I had to report position on final to remind you at 03:45:16Z.
  7. No sequence for me at 03:47:18Z. Same issue as points three and four.
  8. No sequence for N503SP at 03:49:18Z. Same issue as points three, four, and five.

Overall, you did pretty well. The runway changes were well-handled; the pattern entry and transition for me were also good. Your only issue right now is sequencing. Remember: all aircraft following each other to the same runway in the pattern need to be sequenced. Inbound aircraft without radar also need sequencing (as well as pattern entries before you clear them). If radar is present, aircraft that are radar vectors (RV), flight following (FF), or are cleared for the visual approach all need sequencing. The former two (RV and FF) require pattern entries as well, but visual approaches don’t. Section 3.4 and Section 3.6 of the ATC Manual explain these two concepts in depth.

Aside from that, the only other thing I noticed is that your clearances could be a bit earlier. You can clear aircraft when they’re on late crosswind/early downwind. You don’t have to wait for them to be fully established on the downwind. On an unrelated note, VFR aircraft (pattern work is an example) only need to be 500ft apart (vertically). The 3nm/1000ft separation applies to IFR aircraft, and even so, only one of those have to be met. If the vertical separation is there, the lateral separation can be exempt. The same applies the other way around.

Keep up the work, and feel free to reply to this or PM me if you have any further questions or concerns.

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Great job and thanks for the service! Only a few pieces of feedback:

  1. Clearances for my second and third pattern could have been sooner. Trust the pilots’ judgment of when to turn base because they will follow their sequence and should ensure there is enough spacing. If you really want to make sure there is enough spacing, you can use the “extend downwind, i’ll call your base” command (then say “turn base” when you want them to turn). This way you can clear them early but still feel in control of when they turn. This is not recommended for every pattern since it’s a lot of extra work.
  2. Minor detail but instead of having “enter right downwind runway __” and “number 2 traffic to follow is on base” as two separate commands, you could have combined them into one. It just makes your job simpler so that you don’t have to give them commands twice.
  3. I was trying to cause a go around in the end there, but the pilot exited the runway very quickly … good job with the “please expedite” on the runway exit.
  4. I called inbound for landing, so you didn’t have to clear me for the option.

Overall a great job! Message me with any questions.

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Are you only open for another 15 minutes?

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I’ll do another half hour!

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I’ll be there in 5-10 minutes

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@Cannoli928 all good but I just wanna tell you that I was near colliding with AV-PORTS. There wasn’t any action taken to separate us by you. I was just a few feet below AV-PORTS. I guess you should watch your replay. When I took off and was turning crosswind, AV-PORTS had almost crashed into me! Look for that one. Otherwise all well, all the best! 👍🏻

And yeah sorry for turning final too late, actually my parents interrupted me! 😅

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Do you know the time stamp of that? I don’t recall seeing that happen but if you could get me the timestamp, I’ll take a look! Thanks for stopping by.

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Yes I will tell you the time, just a minute

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@Cannoli928 it was 4:32:26

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Feedback for @Cannoli928 beginning at 0430Z on Aug 21st, 2020 from @AviationReports (IFATC Officer):

  • Transition Altitude Correct (Airport elevation at 334ft, Transition Altitude at 3000ft)
  • Nice job giving a pattern entry and clearance but flip the way you give them, pattern entry first, then clearance given I am number 1 (You gave clearance then pattern entry)
  • ^ Seemed to only happen once
  • Sequencing and runway changes for me and other aircraft were done perfectly
  • Nice job giving a pattern direction after first touch and go and then just “cleared for the option” after
  • Exit Runway was at a good speed
  • I LOVED that you gave me the option on direction for my exit runway
  • Nice job clearing me to cross 29L before requesting

Overall, Great, I mean great, session. You should have no problem getting on the IFATC team with how you preformed today. Please review the bolded comments above as these were cons in the session. Review and work on them please.

Not Tested in today’s session:

  • Go Arounds

That’s all I got, have a good one. My PM is open if you needed any help at any point!

@Arjun_Taneja Hello! @Cannoli928 made no mistakes with the “close call”, I had plenty of altitude separation and I had the correct transition altitude. There were no issues there.

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So I was N91KL, and I thought you did an awesome job, thanks for service! I have a few notes below:

  1. Great job with the runway changes. I think I asked to change runways twice and you were on top of it both times

  2. Nice use of the go arounds. I tried to speed up on final to see if you’d notice the loss of spacing and you picked it up really easily so nice job!

  3. Just make sure to always be on top of the sequences and clearances. After my first touch and go, you didn’t sequence me behind the aircraft on right downwind. And then later on I think you might’ve forgotten to give me a clearance - although it worked out since I ended up going around anyways.

Like I said, you did a very nice job overall! Feel free to tag me in the future when you’re open.


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I’m now closed for the night! I will get back to everyone about their feedback. I appreciate you guys coming out to help me train and I hope to see you in the future!

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Thank you for the feedback! I learned that I need to sequence AND give a clearance as two separate messages, not just one. After you left, I believe I got better at it. Thanks for coming out tonight!

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Judging by others’ comments, I’d agree! Keep up the good work.

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I realized the mistake in bold as SOON as I sent it! I should have corrected myself but since the frequency was busy, it was a bit hard to do in the moment. Thanks for listing the positives as well, hope to see you again soon!


Yeah I’ve got that there wasn’t exactly any mistakes today… It’s just that I was ascending and if in case my vs was higher… We would have crossed each other. I was considering that image for reference! @AviationReports