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Hey dude im sorry and i will come help u train later. Hopes thay makes up mr noobing out. Again im sorry.

Lol man i have those moments

Thanks! A lot of questions popped up inside my head during the session today. The questions includes “huh?”, “Will I pass?”, “How do you sequence 101?”, etc. I’m starting to forget everything about ATC right now lol. 😥😥

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EDDL is closed early today. It’s getting really dark here in SoCal.

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Dont say that. U will pass, trust me.

If Rowdy could do it and all the other IFATC can, then u can. I believe in u.

Until you behave 😜

Jk. I failed my written test yesterday 😞. But, I will pass the retake!

In the meantime, I’m hiring a scout.


I don’t know you can ‘hire’ a scout

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Yes, you can. Just pay $100 to the IFATC home base and hire a scout of your choice. Next, you get trained to be 100% prepared for the IFATC tests, and then you be an IFATC controller. The scout then gets returned to the IFATC home base and the scout waits for its next victim 😜


Thats just a waste of money. Are you really gonna pay $100 for a scout. All you have to do is study and train.

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I really hope your sarcasm/joke detectors are on 🙄

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Oh😂 i feel so dumb now

You can read about them here: ATC Training Team

I call them trainees scouts because why not.

Why not is the point ever. But i actually thought u had to pay $100 for a scout!

Rowdy thought the same he just told me he thought that u paid $100. Yay im not alone. lol

For each $10 you pay, I can get you 10% more ready for the test 🤑🤑🤑
Or you can pay $1000 to some of the recruiters then you can pass the test no doubt.🤣

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Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) is now open in Miami!

KFLL is closed early today.

Reason: Controller has passed out due to some difficulties dealing with pattern work.

Thanks for the service
Remember when runway change Give me Left/Right traffic clearing option
And when I report full stop just say roger no need to clear me to land after the option

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