CannedAviation ATC Tracking Thread | (Closed)

Hello fellow community members.

As far as we know, the community has this trend going on and obviously it’s the ATC Tracking Thread. Some of our community members are working their way to be part of IFATC. In order to do that, some opened up their very own ATC tracking threads in order to allow members to join a controller’s ATC session. Once a controller finishes their session in the Training Server (IFATC members don’t need tracking threads), they are awarded with some feedbacks from the Community on how well or poor the controller takes control of the airspace and feedbacks on improvements.

Being a member of IFATC was one of my goals in the past few months, so I decided to start my very own tracking thread in order to accomplish my goal. When I am controlling, please take note of what I am doing wrong and let me know how I can improve in this thread. I do not want rude feedbacks because they discourage me in some kind of way, and of course, I don’t want to be involved in arguments.

I am officially on the road to being an IFATC controller! I took my first written test on August 22, but I sadly failed with a 72%. But, I won’t give up and I will do everything I can to accomplish my goal. I have until September to retake my written test. This tracking thread will be closed pretty soon! Wish me luck!



Very well put together Topic. I can’t wait to see your controlling :)


WSSS is open! Please come by and do some pattern work or whatever you like :)

Hopped in to see how everything is going, flew a small pattern and the ATC was brilliant through out it. No problems with trafficking nor collision paths. Your ATC skills are brilliant, pleasure being controlled by you.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback, and yes I’m sorry that a Citation taxied through you. I’ll make sure to prevent that from happening next time when controlling Ground :)

Singapore Changi Ground and Tower is now closed. Thanks to everyone that came :)

He is a great flyer, he is an awesome controller!
@CannedAviation, would love to see you IFATC my old friend 😉😉

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KSJC is now open. Visit and fly in any aircraft!

Remember to leave some feedback after you’re done! ;)

Closed early today. I have to leave to go somewhere.

Which region should I control in next? (SoCal is excluded)

  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • London
  • Caribbean
  • OshKosh
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • South Florida
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore/Kuala Lumpur
  • Charlotte
  • Hawaii
  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Sydney

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I reccomend KFLL, Average sized airport, and parralell runways :) its perfect for practice!


Great idea to do a poll I’m doing the same at my tracker

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Florida, Denver, and OshKosh are tied according to the last poll. Now, which one of them do you want me to control in?

  • Southern Florida
  • Denver
  • OshKosh

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I will choose an airport in the winning region myself.


I got impatient, so I’ll open up KFLL in SoFlo. Come on in!

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I’ll be there :) C208 N2DV

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I’ll be there, call sign NIX2545

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Hey thanks for the service you did pretty good just a few things

  1. No need to give me Make Right/Left traffic after every T&G only need to use this for Runway Change and Inbound for T&G :)

  2. I requested a Runway Change and got Unable which is Ok but there was nobody in the way or reason not to should’ve been
    1 Pattern Instruct
    2 Sequence (if other traffic in Pattern)
    3 Clear for the option with Right/Left traffic because runway change :)

Thank you again for your service I had a great time
Kind Regards,
Rowdy Kepler

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I’m here, I am American 61

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Had fun, really good controlling. I only flew one pattern with you so I did not really get a chance to hear all of your pattern work. I could point out a few things, but honestly they are down to personal preference so I won’t bother.

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Thanks everyone. @Declan you do not need a flight plan for a pattern work :)