CanForce 1 Flap Malfunction

Interesting ATC audio of a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-150 Polaris (Airbus A310) carrying the Prime Minister, experiencing a flap malfunction. The plane was scheduled to fly from Ottawa to Belgium, but diverted back to Ottawa after experience technical difficulties. This happened back in October when Trudeau went to sign a European Trade deal! I’ll post a news article below for some more background info!

Even state leaders experience flight problems! Luckily the pilots displayed excellent professionalism as they are trained for these events. They were so confident that they turned down emergency vehicles to be lined up along the runway!


I listened to that audio. PM Trudeau must be proud of his pilots

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Why such an old aircraft? Mexico has better government aircraft then the U.K. And Canada 😂


Switzerland too!
Nothing bigger than THAT

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Lol and they got criticized for it! Upgrading your plane is political suicide nowadays…unless you’re the US with an infinite budget for military

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Yes political suicide which is why Japan just received their new executive jet from Boeing this year and PM Abe has been fairly popular, only falling below 50% because of the expansion of the military’s role. Ordering a new aircraft for the executive leader of a country isn’t political suicide as long as the country is able to afford the purchase in the budget, like Canada is able to do.

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It on a case by case basis. Canada was actually criticized for acquiring the A310s. Not to mention we purchased them off a defunct airline for a steal, but rhetoric of “Flying Taj Mahal” was being circulated in the press. Even PM Jean Chretien refused to fly the plane throughout his time as PM. Canadians rather see that money go elsewhere. Harper was even criticized for a $50,000 paint job for one of the planes to enshrine it in its “VIP” role rather than the multi-role it was intended for.

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