Cancún to Houston in 10 screenshots | MMUN-KIAH | United 737-800

The other day, I did a group flight from Cancún to Houston on the United 737-800. This flight took just under 2 hours to complete and had very beautiful beach scenery along the way. Hope you enjoy the photos! (No editing on these photoa)

United Airlines
Time: 1hr 50min

At the terminal in Cancún while boarding

Lined up patiently waiting for departure


Beautiful beach from 10’000 feet

Reaching mainland USA (over Gavleston)

Sequencing with others while prepping for final approach

A parallel final with a fellow 737 on runway 17L (me on 17R)

Smooth parallel landing ( 2 angles)

Parked at the terminal for group screenshot time!

If there’s anything I can do to improve my photos, please let me know! 😃 (however, I don’t have access to photo editing at the moment, I am referring to pure technique with replay mode)

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Wow! Nice pics!

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Thanks! It was a nice scenic flight