Cancún to Havana

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av again and today, we will be flying on Mexico’s low fare airline Viva Aerobús! So I am glad you are here today with me on today’s flight!
Right now, we have arrived at Cancún’s Terminal 2 by bus and are ready to get to our flight!

Viva lets you check out your bag for $10 USD and if you bag is bigger than 100lbs, then you get charged a EXTRA $10 USD. TSA was normal. Here is our flight for today! You sadly can’t see it as a jetbridge is in the way.

And our seat for today is…9A! The legroom is decent and the seat is NOT comfortable! Viva Aerobús doesn’t have IFE’s, so their website has movies and TV Shows for the flight, which I will review at cruise.

Pushback was normal. Taxi was normal. Now we are ready for takeoff! Now we are in the air! Bye Bye Cancún!

Climb was normal. Now we are at cruise! For Breakfast, I had a Quaker’s Strawberry Fruit Bar and a Cup of Coffee. Now for the In-Flight Entertainment! The Viva Aerobús app gives a good amount of Movies and Games; even had a kids section called Viva Kids! The food was amazing while I was watching Breaking Bad!

I’m starting to see Cuba! That means we are about the descent soon!

As we start our descent for Runway 24 at Havana, I was looking at flight on bigger planes like the 747 and other planes besides the usual A320 and 737. That should be good.

With a crosswind landing at a firm landing, Welcome to Havana, Cuba!

Thank you for joining us on today’s morning flight to Havana! We have arrived. As we got off the plane, I got to snap one last photo before my camera died.

Once again, thank you for going me on today’s flight and I will see you in the next trip report. Fly High Aviators!
This skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a Trip Reporter that makes awesome trip reports in the criteria of this skit