Cancún Flyout!

Airline: Air Transat
Plane: Airbus A330-300 (Airbus House Colours)
Flight Time: 3:35
Server: Expert

Holding short of runway 12R at MMUN

Lined up on the runway, waiting for @Thunderbolt to exit!

Rotating off of the runway next to a Canadian competitor

Above another Canadian competitor

Entering the United States

Altitude change!

Sunset somewhere over Ohio!

Entering Canadian airspace near Hamilton

Approaching CYYZ



Ah man, I wish I wasn’t so tired, and I would’ve attended!! Great photos anyway, mate ;)

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Great photos! Thanks for coming, again, it was great!

It had such an awesome turnout

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Are you going to host another event like this? I really want to come to another one, because I never got the chance, sadly

Definitely in the future! Already thinking of airports. As for when, I’ll figure it out, but yes expect more in the future

Great to hear! I love being in events. It’s like the only way I can make it around this game by doing flights

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this dude flexing like a boss B)