Cancun flight @MMUN 201150ZAPR19

Server: Training

Airport: *MMUN-EGPF

Time: 1150Z

NOTAM:* This may go into the night depending on flight time but I can’t confirm it right now as it is a too early date but All ATC should be followed enroute:

Don’t request frequency change until at EIDW for Glasgow Approach and there will be about 40-50 minutes left of the flight

Decent: Decend at 20 minutes to landing and fly towards Glasgow fly over Glasgow at 8,000 feet and continue the decent into Glasgow

Altitude: FL320-FL440

Flight plan: Will add ASAP


Terminal 1:








Terminal 2:

Gate 14

Gate 15

Gate 16

Gate 17 : @Elliott Host/Leader

Gate 18

Gate 19

Gate 20

Gate 21

Gate 22


MMUN Ground: @J2S

MMUN Tower: @J2S

MMUN Departure

EGPH Approach

EGPH Ground

EGPH Tower

Will add more gates if required

This should be a flight not a flyout

@BadPlane Ye I think so. I will change i

I’ll do ground and tower for MMUN

@J2S ok your MMUN Ground And Tower

Event cancelled sorry!

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