Cancun back to JFK [part 2]

Hello all! Yesterday I flew back to JFK via JetBlue from Cancun. The flight was about 3 and a half hours but when we arrived, the baggage claim took like another hour or so 🙄. Anyway, it’s nice to be back in New York. It’s too humid in Cancun 😂. Enjoy the pictures.

WestJet and Southwest getting ready to taxi!

AirFrance 777 just chillin 😎

Condor A330 headed for Frankfurt!

Turkish 777 leaving the gate, headed to Istanbul!

EuroWings A330 taxing with a landing A320 in the background!

My A321 NEO parked at the gate!

On board with an excellent view of this WestJet 787!

What a view from 33,000 ft!

Parking next to another JetBlue 321 NEO!

I hope you enjoy these photos! If you want landing and departing vids just PM me and i’ll be glad to share! See you next time, have a great rest of your day!


Wow! Nice job! It’s nice how lots of overseas carriers and wide bodies are present down in Cancun! I’ve been there a number of times, and every single trip I’ve seen at least 2 or three European carriers.

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I was surprised to see the Eurowings, and the Condor. Speaking of the Condor, it’s livery is 🤮, i think it’s being added to IF? Not sure…

Yes, I agree about the new Condor livery!! I like the older one much, much better! They fly 767s to MSP during the summer, but now that’s being replaced by A330s in that terrible new paint job.

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i think the most surprising operator to CUN is definitely Turkish

IST-CUN is a weird route


It is tour season, but most flights coming in are American, United, Jetblue, Delta, Copa, and Volaris. I did occasionally see a cargo plane but agreed, it is a bit surprising to see Turkish here

yes, Condor has some terrible liveries, the green stripes one is just…geez Minneapolis seems to be bigger than it seems! I’ve rarely seen Condor at JFK!

It’s definitely a sizeable airport! Of course, Codor operates a Frankfurt-Whitehorse route, so they don’t require a massive airfield to pull off operations. I actually really like their 767 livery, and will be sad to see it go.

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Reminds me of Thomas Cook, say what happened to that airline?

thomas cook diffused into condor

(thomas cook was owned by condor. thomas cook went into bankruptcy and now it’s just condor)

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Yes, Thomas Cook was liquidized on September 22, 2019. It’s 767s were transfered to Condor and repainted.

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I’m assuming Thomas Cook is a european airline?

Yes, it was based in Manchester.

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It always sucks to see an airline go out of business…all those flight attendants and pilots…

Yes! Though, when Thomas Cook went out of business, Europe was short hundreds of flight crews, so I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to find a new job.

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The new one looks like Fisherman’s Friend.


I’m not too familiar with European airlines, I think i may be visiting Europe soon, England perhaps but i’m not sure. Probably will fly American or British

Ooo, fun! The only times I’ve been to Europe, I’ve flown United. I am going to Iceland in a few weeks, and will be flying an IcelandAir 737 MAX 8, so that should be interesting!

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United polaris? lol

Nope, economy unfortunately!! It was on 757s, so I don’t think they even have Polaris!

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