[CANCLED]UAE 45th National Day Celebration @ PHNL - 301930ZNOV16

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1930Z

NOTAM: Join us Next Wednesday/Thursday to Celebrate the 45th UAE National Day Event in a flight from PHNL to PHTO!

Event Details:-

When? Next Wednesday 30 of Nov

Where? EXPERT!, PHNL in Hawaii!

What to Come with? Any Emirates/Etihad Airline, Fighters are welcome!

Where to Park? I want a guy to help me with Gate Assigments
Other info : Please RESPECT And show your whole Maturity

Time Poll:-

  • Time is good and i will join
  • I wont be able to join due that the time is not good
  • I wont be able to join due to another Reason (Low Grade…etc)

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Hope to see you there!


The region is the Hawaii region not the expert region ;)

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Sorry, i am Sleepy!

Also Suggest Time

Will see if i can make it , i actually used to live in Dubai , UAE !


Happy 45th National Day !


Emirates airlines headquarters? 😅

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Yeah it is !

The view of the Costa coffee’s balcony on the right in the EK HQ is so amazing, seeing and hearing all those 777’s and A380’s taxi and takeoff so closely.

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can I come,can you give me gate ?

@R_Jordanian Quick question why wasn’t this event yesterday considering UAE National Day was on the 29/11 and not on the 30/11?

The UAE national day is on the 2nd of December


Thanks for informing me , do you perhaps know why Emirates was celebrating it yesterday ?

Not exactly sure why. But maybe it’s because 2nd of December is falling on a Friday this year which is a public off-day and also that Thursday was declared as a public holiday for the national day. So maybe they were just celebrating early.

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Nope, its because of Commemoration Day in the 30th of nov, but they made the Holiday Today.

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