[CANCLED] Alps Exploration @ LSZH - 181900ZMAR18

We are IFVARB approved thumbnail

Server: Casual

Region: Switzerland

Airport: LSZH

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Please spawn 10 minutes before the event and stay for 5 minutes after the event for screenshots, wait until @HockeyMan06 (Swiss 2) requests pushback, Come in a Cirrus SR22


About this event
In this event, we will go exploring the alps and mountains of Switzerland!

Flight Details

Intrested in the event? Join now!

FlySwiss Gates

GA Sector 7 12 @HockeyMan06
GA Sector 7 11 @United-Express
GA Sector 7 10 @Sanely_Dreamer
GA Sector 7 09 @Goran12
GA Sector 7 08 @Nidhish_Kataria

Non FlySwiss Gates

GA Sector 7 07
GA Sector 7 06
GA Sector 7 05
GA Sector 7 04
GA Sector 7 03

Wait List


FlySwiss Pilots: Use your FlySwiss Callsign

Non FlySwiss Pilots: use a realistic Swiss callsign

Please let me know when you join, I will add your name to the photo

If you are apart of FlySwiss VA, you can log your flight on our slack channel


If you are not a part of FlySwiss VA, sign up on our website to get double the hours when you log your first flight. You even start at Third Officer!


Website | Instagram | Official Thread

Thank you for joining us and see you next time


@United-Express @Nidhish_Kataria @ratul_sen @Captain_Zen @luedze @Sanely_Dreamer are you coming?


I’ll have to see if I have time. Normally I should


Ill come along with you


I might be able to come

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I will know closer to the time…

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Sorry guys won’t be able to make it this time

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This looks great. I might be able to make it!!

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But it’s 2 am for me so probably won’t come!

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i am comming pls gimme a gate

For those on the wait list, @Captain_Zen @United-Express @TheCoolPilot will you be coming

I would’ve loved to come but can’t sorry!!!

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That’s fine, thanks for considering our event

The event has been canceled, sorry for everyone who signed up

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