(Cancled) [5 Attending!] Let's Recreate a Live Airport Series (No.1) (READ THE NOTICE) Seattle-Tacoma Flyout @ KSEA 211800ZSEP19

Actually it probably would be if I take no passengers/cargo lol

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If I join probably doing united though

Let me know, I’m about to go to sleep

Doesn’t seem like it’s doable with that aircraft. If almost ran out of fuel on a 3 hour flight once starting with full fuel, and this is 4 hours…

Ill change it to an a321

A319 would probably be better given the ap is broken on the 321. Shame we don’t have ac a320 in if.

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Strange. I don’t see an AC E175 in the gates.

gate is N01

Thanks, changed it to the A319

Get your gates!

Come on down!

This event conflicts with another Seattle flyout around the same time

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Thanks @Dylan_M , do you mind moving it back a week or two?

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That’s fine with me. 👍

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Haha, @KennedyTurner, do you mind moving it back a week or two

Sure I guess.

I moved it up 1 week.

Event is cancled.

Just being nice, it cancelled!

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