(Cancled) [5 Attending!] Let's Recreate a Live Airport Series (No.1) (READ THE NOTICE) Seattle-Tacoma Flyout @ KSEA 211800ZSEP19

This event will be on Saturday, September 28th, 2019. It is a part of a once-a-month series called, “Let’s Recreate a Live Airport.” After each event is over, a poll will be posted for 24 hours deciding the next airport. Airport Suggestions are strongly suggested. (No pun intended.)

This event WAS NOT made in collaboration with @american_1549. I have taken the original event, and made it into my own series. Thank you.

Server: Expert

Airport: KSEA

Time: 1800Z September 4th 2019 Saturday, September 21, 2019 6:00 PMSeptember 21, 2019

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

NOTAM: Please, make sure your Gate, Callsign, Aircraft, and Livery are correct Before you spawn in. Just because a gate is empty doesn’t mean you can spawn in it if it’s not yours. Only use your assigned gate.

Aircraft Models/Variants have been changed due to the fact of the original aircraft not being in IF, or the aircraft doesn’t have the airline’s livery.

Concourse A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
A01 B739 Delta Airlines KMSP
A02 B738 Delta Airlines KSLC
A03 B739 Delta Airlines KLAX
A04 B752 Delta Airlines KATL
A05 B752 Delta Airlines PLIH
A06 B739 Delta Airlines KATL
A07 B738 Delta Airlines KLAS
A08 A321 Spirit Airlines KBWI
A09 A320 United Airlines KIAH
A10 B752 United Airlines KORD
A11 CRJ7 United Express KMSP
A12 B788 Delta Airlines RJTT
A13 B789 British Airways EGLL
A14 A320 United Airlines KSFO
Concourse B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
B01 B752 Delta Airlines PHNL
B02 CRJ7 Delta Airlines KBOI (Had to throw it in)
B03 B738 Delta Airlines KORD
B04 B712 Delta Airlines KDEN
B05 A319 Delta Airlines KMSY @Sir_Baller Delta 362
B06 A321 JetBlue KIAH
B07 A321 JetBlue KJFK @JetBlue_48_DJT JetBlue 48
B08 B737 Southwest Airlines KDEN
B09 B738 Southwest Airlines KSLC
B10 B737 Southwest Airlines KSJC @Globalflyer1 Awaiting callsign
B11 B737 Southwest Airlines KOAK
B12 B737 Southwest Airlines KDFW
Concourse C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
C01 DH8D Horizon Airlines KPUW
C02 DH8D Horizon Airlines CYVR
C03 DH8D Horizon Airlines KEUG
C04 DH8D Horizon Airlines KGEG
C05 DH8D Horizon Airlines KMSO
C06 DH8D Horizon Airlines KPSC
C07 DH8D Horizon Airlines KEAT
C08 A320 Alaska Airlines KSAT
C09 B737 Alaska Airlines PAJN
C10 B739 Alaska Airlines KORD
C11 B739 Alaska Airlines KEWR @Connor4477 G-C4477
C12 B739 Alaska Airlines KGEG
C13 B739 Alaska Airlines KPDX
Concourse D
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
D01 B737 Southwest Airlines KPHX
D03 A320 Alaska Airlines KSAN @Armani_B Alaska 1880
D04 A320 Alaska Airlines KBNG
D05 A321 Alaska Airlines KSFO
D08 A321 American Airlines KDFW
North Satellite
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
N01 A319/321 Air Canada CYYZ
N11 B738 Alaska Airlines KONT
N12 B744 Asiana Airlines PANC
N13 B739 Alaska Airlines PKOA
N14 B739 Alaska Airlines KORD
South Satellite
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
S01 B77W Cathay Pacific VHHH
S02 B744 Korean Airlines RKSI
S03 A320 Delta Airlines KAUS
S04 B712 Delta Airlines KSFO
S05 B763 Hawian Airlines PHOG
S06 A319 Volaris MMMX
S07 B752 Iceland Air BIKF
S08 B752 Iceland Air BIKF
S09 A333 Delta Airlines EHAM
S10 B744 British Airways EGLL
S11 B78X Virgin Atlantic EGKK
S12 A333 Delta Airlines ZSPD
S13 A333 Air France LFPG
S14 B77L Delta Airlines RKSI
S15 B744 Lufthansa EDDF

Cargo routes can be chosen by the pilot. Since there are many open gates, I am open to route suggestions if you don’t want one of the already planned routes.


I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose with the 737! Thanks!

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Gate D03 please 👍🏽😉thanks

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@GlobalFlyer1 @Armani_B I need your callsigns, unless you want me to choose!

Alaska 1880 is that good

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Thats fine! Thanks!

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SWVAXXX for now. I’ll decide exactly what the callsign is when the event date comes closer

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Could I get gate c11?

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Ill leave it at “Awaiting Callsign”

Sure! What’s your callsign?

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Callsign is G-C4477

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Roger that, Ill need a callsign.

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Gate B07 to KJFK for JetBlue 48 👊🏻

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I’m not certain if KSEA to CYYZ is doable in the E175 given how broken it is?

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Well find out!

Actually it probably would be if I take no passengers/cargo lol

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If I join probably doing united though

Let me know, I’m about to go to sleep

Doesn’t seem like it’s doable with that aircraft. If almost ran out of fuel on a 3 hour flight once starting with full fuel, and this is 4 hours…

Ill change it to an a321