Cancelling Flights

Two times now when I was doing 16+ hour flights and I was less than 200nm out I was trying to do something when I swiped down and then too the side. On iPhone this takes you to the camera. This then cancels the whole flights and I’m not sure if I get any credit for the 16 hours of flight time. This really aggravates me because of how long the flights are and I get very annoyed when I accidentally do this.


You do get the XP flight hours for that flight. But the rest of the flight is gone.

Thank you, I am happy I get the XP and flight hours. But it’s so easy to accidentally do. Most of the time I accidentally swipe down then when trying to close it I swipe to the side opening up camera and cancelling the rest of the flight.

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Sorry you had your flight cancelled but at least you didn’t wast your time :)

Yes that is a good thing, I did not lose everything.

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Its ok we learn from our mistakes.

I did it once on a short flight so it wasn’t as important but I was on a 16 hour flight and it ended and I swiped down and I tried not to. But it’s okay.

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