Having a hard time getting people for this event so try and help by getting people to sign up :)

Server: Expert

Airport: KPHL

Time: 02100Z June 7th.

Spawn in 15 minutes before the time and listen to all ATC.

This is my first time doing an event so things won’t be perfect.

Info about KPHL:
Philadelphia International is the largest airport in Pennsylvania and is not a very active airport in Infinite flight.

Look at the airlines and destinations and tell me your airline, aircraft, and destination. Then I will assign you a gate.

Terminal A:

@FlyAndCrash - B747-400 to EDDF - Gate A15

Terminal B:

Terminal C:

Terminal D:

Terminal E:

@TheFlyingGuy1 - B737-700 to KMDW - Gate E15

Terminal F:

@Kate_Russell - CRJ7 to KITH - Gate F17


@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 - A330-300 to KCLT - Apron 7

Please use the correct title format for the #live:events category.


My bad. I’ll fix it now

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is it correct now?

Yes, it is now correct. :)

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Your title says June 18th, but the details say June 8th. Which is it?

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Oops. I’ll fix that. It’s June 8th

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I will take Philadelphia to Ithaca on AA CRJ7 Gate A25

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Ok gate F17 is yours. Terminal F is the regional terminal. Thanks for signing up

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Better. Maybe to make it a little less confusing, though, you could put “0” in front of the 8. Just a suggestion :)

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Good idea. thanks

2 Weeks until the event! Still need a lot more people

Rescheduled to June 7th because I’m now realizing a lot of events are taking place on June 8th and nobody has really signed up for this yet. Still will be at the same time

Can I get an a330 to CLT but on the maintenance ramp please.

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Sure! I’ll add you when I get home. Thanks for joining

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Alright you’re signed up

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Share the event with your friends. I’m struggling to get people to sign up for this

Hey I’m going to be in Hawaii at the time of the event but I would like to join. Can I take a Southwest gate to KMDW in a 737-700 Illinois One livery. I’ll try my best to make it

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Sure. Thanks for signing up. Adding you right now. Gate E15 is yours

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Cancelling this but hosting another event at a different airport at the same time