[Cancelled]Zello ATC @ TNCM - 292000ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Carribean Region

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: A wonderful good Day for everybody. I am very proud (as usual) to announce my fouth Zello ATC Event for Infinite Flight Pilots. This Time we will fill up the Skies of the woderful Carribean Region to make some short, medium and long haul flights. I also have to announce that this Event will run with the friendly assistance of @Mats_Edvin_Aaro, who is doing great Zello ATC in my opinion. While I will provide CLR, GND and TWR he will work as APP, DEP and CTR.

(both TNCM)


(All not my Photos)

We will provide ATC for all major Airports in this Region: TNCM, TKPK, TAPA, TFFR.

For being part in this Evemt it is necessery to be familiar with the Communication App ‘‘Zello’’ and joining the following Channel, if you not already done this:
Newcom Infinite Flight

Furthermore it is important to be familiar with the Charts of the major Airports listed above.

Here you find Charts for TNCM:
Google: tncm charts

Here you find Charts for TKPK:
Google: tkpk charts

Here you find Charts for TAPA:
Google: tapa charts

Here you find Charts for TFFR:
Google: tffr charts

So once again: Know the Charts, Know how to read the ATIS (follows on the Events Day), Know how to communicate with ATC and finally have fun.

If anybody needs Training or Assistance in Verbal ATC please feel free to PM me with your Problem.

Important Message
Create a Flightplan before contacting Tower



Great! Count me in! 😀
Thank you @Lars_Thorein and @Mats_Edvin_Aaron for your support! 👏👏
Blue skies


Perfect will see ya there!😀

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Use the Infinite flight atc Center

Why i should do that?

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No. it’s better if people make there own channels.

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Think the same.

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It is a real atc

The Channel is a real atc? @Owen_Anderson

Yep, it has certifide controlers, and they are very realistic, im N-1626OA

I sent you a friend request

For your Information: I have passed a practical Test with the Recruiter of this channel @JGK00. I got a 10/10. And if your not feeling comftorbel you not have to visit my Event.

Oh! Ok nvm, sorry

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29th of October… sorry, I will be in LA on vacation, a very good idea though! I guess you should try and make another event like on the weekend of the 15th!

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Hashtag when everyone used to complain about me setting my events up a month in advance.

Ok maybe next time

What channel? I can’t see anything on your picture, it’s blank… ;)

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Will attend if able!

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Only 6 Days to go until the Event starts.

Just a few Information:

1.) Please create an Flightplan before contacting Tower. This is unnecessery for pattern work.

2.) Expect ATIS on the post and on the Channel 20-5 Minutes before start.

3.) Check ATIS for Departure information

Hope to see all of you at TNCM.😎✈

Tomorrow Evening 2000Z