[Cancelled] Zello ATC @TNCM 191300ZFEB16

Server: Freeflight server

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM Sint-Maarten

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: frequenties:
TNCM ground 120.9
TNCM tower 118.7
I know TNCM does not have a ground freq but it’s more fun with Zello ATC.


See you there!!


I can come in about an hour. I can come in about an hour, I hope it’s still open

He states it’s open all day so I think you’ll be able to pop in :)

Opening around 1300z I think…

Ok I’ll try be there

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Oh… 1300zulu is 12 at night here nvm then

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Lol… I think only Europeans like me will be flying then🛫✈️🛬

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Its about 2 hours to this but i dont have my headphones with me ><. I guess I’ll join another time.

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@TnTpilotBE Why is it cancelled?