[CANCELLED] Zello ATC over Densely Populated Zones @ WMKK - 262133ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WMKK

Time: 2133Z

This Small Business Saturday, come visit the Sing&KL region for some Zello ATC! From 2133-2218Z, enjoy Zello services anywhere in the Sing&KL region, with my regional hub being Kuala Lumpur. My Zello channel is Infinite Flight-CBaccari, so that you can pop on if you’d like. If any airport but Kuala Lumpur is during the event populated by peanut aircraft, the airport’s tower and ground will not be operational from Zello, (learned from the previous Stockton event.) Enjoy.


Unfortunately I can’t make it ! Small Business Saturday , do you work for American Express or are you endorsed by them? 😂

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I heard about that day this year😂. Anyway, so you won’t be there. Okay, maybe next event.

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Event is in 24.5 hours.

Event in 4.5 hours. Remember, if any airport besides WMKK is busy with peanut aircraft, I will not supply that airport with tower/ground on Zello, you will just have to listen to Unicom.

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One hour remaining.

Event is now in session!

Event is cancelled and rescheduled for next week.