[CANCELLED]YouTube Landing Competition @TNCM - 301800ZMAR19.

A TNCM Landing Competition (Select Aircraft only, please read rules and NOTAMS below)


  • Each pilot will get a total of 2 chances to land.
  • The top 10 landings will be featured in the youtube video.
  • Pilots must use an aircraft from the list of approved aircrafts below.
  • Any pilot using an aircraft not listed below will be disqualified
  • Please follow ATC/Unicom instructions
  • Leave enough distance between the aircrafts in front of you
  • Have fun!!

Judging: I will be judging this competition beside runway 10 in a cessna. With the new replay system, a youtube video which will be posted on this thread at the end of the event will showcase the top 10 pilots landing from 10 being the worst to 1 being the best!


  • Approach
  • Touchdown
  • Center line
  • Control of aircraft after touchdown


A Landing competiton at Princess Juliana International Airport!!

Server : Training

Airport : TNCM

Time : 2019-03-30T18:00:00Z2019-03-30T18:45:00Z
(Please show up at least 15 minutes prior to start of event)


  • Only pilots who have registered for a gate will be featured in the video
  • Please follow ATC instructions

Depart Runway: 10

Arrive runway: 10



  • a340-600
  • a380


  • 717-200
  • 747 (all models)
  • 757
  • 767


  • Dash 8

  • Cessna*

  • All models


  • All models


  • F-16
  • F-14
  • AC-130
  • C130 (all models)
  • F-22
  • Spitfire



A01: @F-4Ace, 757-200, F-4Ace

A02: @CaptJJ, 747-8, Lufthansa 1907 Heavy

A03: @Mr-plane-guy1, 747-400, KLM5765

A04: @cbrooks531, 717, N185AV

B01: @Pablo_Oliveira, 747, PR-PCH

B02: @mariachi, Dash 8, LO0514

B03: @Andre_S, Dash 8, Jetspeed100


B05: @hugo_wallin, Cessna Citation X, Scand. 940

C06: @Owen_Anderson, Super Decathlon, N-1626OA

C05: @Kevinsoto1502, Dash 8, Corporate 123





Judge: @dwane9903


TNCM Tower: @alexandre.g

TNCM Approach: @Olivier999

If you’re interested in joining, reply with your callsign and aircraft type


Is the Decathlon allowed?

Can I take gate A03, but spawn at the gate at around 11:30 AM instead. Thanks. 747-400, KLM5765

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Yes it is!!

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I’ll be there Super Decathlon, N-1626OA

Okay, what gate would you like?

Any would be fine. No Preference.

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Got you signed up for C06👍🏽

Thank you so much.

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Wish I could join, but I’m still on Grade 1

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Could you please assign me to the gate, Dash 8 - LO0514

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I like landings. Sign me up.
Dash 8
Callsign Jetspeed100

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Gate A02 please, 747-8 Lufthansa 1907 Heavy (that’s the only gate left that’s not red for this size), thanks!

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I can be ATC if you want, I am grade 4 and I am training to beeing IFATC

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Well it looks like you have 4 days to try and reach grade 2

Can I ask why the 737, 787, A320 and MD-11 aren’t allowed. If it’s because of APPR that’s kinda stupid. APPR will not win a competition, it will hit the runway at 300fpm, not slow enough to win a landing competition.

Ultimately the 737, A320, MD-11 and 787 are the best because they have great aircraft physics, especially the latter two. It’s really impossible to win a landing competition without these high quality aircraft


Also may I ask why is there a flight plan for pattern work?


An A380 likely is too big for SXM… Why aren’t the A32X’s included here?

Ill take gate A02. American 757-200.
Callsign is F-4Ace

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I’ll take gate A04 in the 712, callsign N185AV

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