(Cancelled) Wiggins Airways Cargo run @ KMHT 251830ZMAY19

Source: https://wiggins-air.com/

Date: May 25, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 1830Z
2:30pm EDT
1:30pm CDT
12:30pm MDT
11:30am PDT

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KMHT

NOTAM: This is on Expert Server, so please follow all the rules accordingly and in a respectful manner

Wiggins Airways is a Cargo airline that is based at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (it’s only Hub)

Wiggins Airways runs daily flights to many destinations in the northeast for both UPS and FedEx.

The Cargo Run

This event will be a cargo run fly out from Manchester, NH to various destinations served by Wiggins.
Due to not having the Beech 99 or Embraer 110, it will instead be substituted for the TBM930.

Stands and destinations

Here are the stands and destinations. FedEx uses the FDX Callsign, while Wiggins uses the WIG Callsign


Pilot Hardstand Aircraft Destination Callsign
OPEN FedEx Feeder 1 C208 EWR
OPEN FedEx Feeder 2 C208 BOS
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk FedEx Feeder 3 C208 BTV FDX162
OPEN FedEx Feeder 4 C208 PWM


Pilot Hardstand Aircraft Destination Callsign
OPEN East GA ramp 1 TBM BTV
OPEN East GA ramp 2 TBM RUT
OPEN East GA ramp 3 TBM LEW
OPEN East GA ramp 4 TBM BGR
OPEN East GA ramp 5 TBM PQI
@Daniel_Cerritos East GA ramp 6 TBM PWM WIG198
OPEN East GA ramp 7 TBM ALB
OPEN East GA ramp 8 TBM RKD
OPEN East GA ramp 9 TBM MPV
OPEN East GA ramp 10 TBM WVL
OPEN East GA ramp 11 TBM BUF
OPEN East GA ramp 12 TBM IPT

Hope to see many people join this event!

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The Cargo Run is three weeks away!

We have a lot of spots open! Join the event today and help me ship packages through the northeast!

Can I get a FedEx Feeder to Boston please

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What will your FedEx Callsign be? You have been entered!

I’ll go with Wiggins Airways 1988

Also, you might want to consider changing the details of the event, as 1830Z is 11.30 AM PDT, not PM. :)

I’m not sure why I put PM and not AM lol.

To be honest, while it is operated by Wiggins, it actually uses the FedEx Callsign, so I’ll put you as FDX1988, if thats okay with you

Of course! I wasn’t sure which one to use, so I put FedEx.

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I will join up a FedEx Cargo 208 to BTV

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk what will your FedEx Callsign be?

Here you go, it’s FDX162.

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I still have plenty of spots open for this Wiggins Airways Cargo Run!
Event is in Two Weeks!

I’m sorry, but something has come up and I won’t be able to make it. Hope to join you in another event soon!

Due to lack of attendance, this event has been cancelled.

I hope to see you join in one of my future events when I create a new one!