[CANCELLED!] WhiteCaps Air Grand Opening Event! @ KLAX - 132130ZJAN18

WhiteCaps Air Grand Opening Event

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand opening of WhiteCaps Air! With a wide variety of routes across the Western US, WhiteCaps is sure to meet your flying needs. Come join us this Saturday to celebrate our grand opening with us!

We’ll fly one of our most popular routes, from Los Angeles to Eagle, CO.

Important Event Info

Server: Casual

Departure Airport: KLAX

Arrival Airport: KEGE

Time: 2130Z (1:30 PM PST or 4:30 PM EST)

NOTAM: We will depart KLAX on time at 21:30. We plan on 1:49 en route with an arrival time of 23:19Z. Please come in a generic B737-700, the livery of WhiteCaps Air!

Flight Plan

Flight Plan



T4 G46B:
T4 G47A:
T4 G47B:
T4 G48A:
T4 G48B:
T4 G49:

T5 G51A: @GolferRyan
T5 G51B: @Jeffrey1o2
T5 G53A: @Ryan_Vidad
T5 G53B: @DiamondGaming4
T5 G55:
T5 G57: @Daniel14
T5 G59: @Miguel_Ortiz
T5 G58: @Jaerus_Croskery
T5 G56: @Niklas3
T5 G54B:
T5 G54A: @William_Armstrong
T5 G52:

Want to Join?

Want to join us here at WhiteCaps Air? PM me (@GolferRyan) to apply! (Staff Positions Available!)

WCA Official Thread
WCA Website


This event is sponsored by our partners at Tailwinds Flying Club!
Tailwinds Flying Club and WhiteCaps Air, Taking The Scenic Route, Together!

See you in the skies! :)

You appear to have an extra ‘0’ in the time of the event. It says ‘1321300Z’… I’m guessing it’s 132130Z? Besides me being picky, I’ll probably be joining me, so sign me up :) In case of any changes of plans on my behalf, I’ll let you know if I cannot make it.

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No problem, I’ve signed you up! :)

I’ll take a gate! Would love to join.

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Sure thing! Welcome aboard! :)

I’ll try to make it. Sign me up!

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I’ll also add this event to the TFC list

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Hey, may join? My callsign is would be IF402

You got it, boss! I’ll give you gate 55.

Thanks, mate :) If I can’t make it I’ll reply back, if I can’t make it.

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Are there any gates left, and what time Nz time

9:30AM EST @Jaerus_Croskery

Yes sir! Would you like a gate?

Sign me up! If I can’t make it I will tell you but I don’t see how not!

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Sign me up! I will try to make it. If I don’t make it, I will try to tell you.

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Yes please, I have to type more bc it had to be 20 characters 😂

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To sav confusion how many hours is this event in

We take off at 21:30 and are expecting 1:49 en route.

Yes but can you tell me in how many hours

The event is not for a week so it isn’t for hundreds of hours

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