(Cancelled) Western Australia Flyout @YPPH - 121500ZMAY19

This is my first event!

Server: Training

Airport: YPPH

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: i will not be giving gate assignments because I don’t have the time to sight you all up, use Unicom wisely if no one is on ATC, please spawn in 15mins early, not all airlines and destinations will be included and some extras too.

Terminal 1 INTL
Kulula Lumpur: Malaysian B738, Air Asia X A333, Malando Air B738.
Guangzhou: China Southern A333
Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific A333
Dubai: Emirates A388 B77W
Singapore: Singapore A333, Qantas A333.
Doha: Qatar B788 A346
Johannesburg: South African A346.

Terminal 2:
This Is GA!!

Terminal 3:
Non Qantas Domestic
Sydney: Virgin Australia B77W, Tiger Air A320.
Brisbane: Virgin Australia B77W.
Adelaide: Tiger Air A320
Melbourne: Virgin Australia B738, B77W.

Terminal 4:
Sydney B789 A333.
Brisbane B738 A333
Melbourne B789, B738
Adelaide B738.
London: B789

Ground: Cancelled
Tower: Cancelled
Depart: Cancelled


Credits for help:
@SimpleWaffles, @anon82246052, @Balloonchaser!

Fixed your title for you:)

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Thanks, and there are no gate assignments. But I might add them!


If anyone wants atc I can sighn you up, that’s the only thing I’m doing assign for because I’m busy all the time.

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please tell me if you want to come, I might do gate assignments if there aren’t to many people!
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I will take ATC

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@anon82246052, What staitions?

Tower and Ground

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Jakey2_0 is tower and ground!

Does anyone want to sponsor?

What about @QantasVirtualGroup?

I will do the gates if at least 3 people to 15 people sign up.

Can I get departure please

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Just wanted to let you know that your terminal information is a bit wrong :)

Terminal 1 (International) is for all international services (except Qantas)
Terminal 1 (Domestic) is for Virgin Australia Domestic services
Terminal 2 is for Regional and Tigerair services
Terminal 3 is for Qantas International and Jetstar Domestic services
Terminal 4 is for Qantas Domestic services

This means that it’s just for fun, okay? It’s not going to be prefect.

You are departure,

Event is cancelled because I can’t deal with the event, also because it wasn’t realistic enough

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