[Cancelled] Watching sun rise in the west--reminiscing the concorde @ EGLL - 231230ZFEB19

Server: Casual

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1230Z

The concorde was the fantastic bird which had a really high service ceiling and is famous for it’s speed.

In this event, we shall do the transatlantic route done by the concorde(EGLL-KJFK) , on sunset time and travel west at twice the speed of sound to see the drowning sun rising.
The aircraft used will be the F22 on casual server.
The spawning areas are as follows:
Remote 450: @Owen_Anderson
Remote 452:
Remote 453:
Remote 454:
Remote 455:
Remote 456:
More will be added of needed.

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Sign me Up!

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Three days till the event!

Will you need a tanker for the flight across?

Yes, or we could make a quick refuelling stop as and when deemed necessary.

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Could I join the event ?

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Yes, you’re signed in :)

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@Owen_Anderson and @alexandre.g there was an error in the title – the event takes place on Saturday, 23rd February and NOT on Friday, 22nd February as erroneously mentioned.
Would these timings still be suitable?


Ah no sorry I can’t on sathurday… sorry. Maybe a next time 😉

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I’ll be happy to refuel, give me 24 hrs to plan the best possible place to refuel which will be the best possible place for you and your attendees.

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Also do you have a flight plan for this flight? Would help for me to plan refueling.

If you haven’t I can happily create one for you if you want.

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Yes, that will be good, thanks.

Event starts tomorrow!

5 minutes left for the event, @Owen_Anderson you may start spawning.

Where are the concordes? 😠

Unfortunately, the event is cancelled due to lack of participation.

Hehe @Owen_Anderson I think @Jet_Airways_995 is angry at you lol

Lol… not really… It happens!

Very unfortunate I’m sorry about the disappointment

Hmm, I suggest next time you could go more in depth with your event for example clarifying the date in the description or putting the date for from the post date. That would help a lot. Do you have acesss to the Expert Server? Oof I meant this for @Jet_Airways_995